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chase25: The Verdict

6th August 2018

Michael Webb established the Charities and Associations Exhibition, known thereafter as CHASE in 1991, and kept it going for an astonishing 24 years! ...


Cyber-risk: What is it and How Can Associations Protect Themselves?

3rd April 2018

Figures revealed by the Financial Conduct Authority’s head of technology, resilience and cyber, Robin Jones, in a speech on 25 January 2018, show that...


DIM or Damned? The Pitfalls of Internationalisation.

23rd January 2018

Membership bodies of nearly every stripe find themselves wrestling with the idea of internationalisation at some point in their development, but what ...


Joy of Tax

8th August 2017

  There used to be a tradition around this time of year where broadsheet newspapers would ask politicians what books they were taking on holiday as th...


The Verdict: Get Personal or Get Ignored

8th August 2017

At the back end of July Hart Square held a seminar entitled ‘Get Personal or Get Ignored’, featuring contributions from Rachel Weber of do...


NetXtra Breakfast Club ‘MIND THE DIGITAL GAP’

10th July 2017

The phrase “Mind the Gap” was coined in about 1968 as an automated announcement, after it became impractical for drivers and station atten...


Think Tank: Engagement, The Emperor’s New Clothes?

8th June 2017

Hang on a minute! What is all this stuff about ‘engagement’? Everywhere I look these days membership organisations are talking about engagement as tho...


THINK TANK: Smart Enough for Artificial Intelligence?

8th February 2017

Artificial Intelligence (AI) – the capability of a machine to imitate intelligent human behaviour – has made great inroads into the automo...


THINK TANK: All in Favour Say Aye! : Associations’ Digital Democracy Dilemma

22nd January 2017

As recent events – such as allegations of Russian electoral hacking – have proved, the merest hint of uncertainty over the conduct or legality o...