Making Trouble, by Greg Valerio

Should be a must-read for the jewellery sector and anyone who wants to make the world a better place.

Making Trouble

Greg Valerio: not finished yet!

It’s not often that you read a book that is so absorbing that you feel compelled to finish it in a single sitting. But then it helps if you yourself witnessed many of the events described within its pages! Subtitled Fighting for Fair Trade Jewellery, Making Trouble traces Greg Valerio’s progress from bolshie youth to campaigner and activist. His fight for a transparent supply chain in the jewellery industry isn’t over yet, but his tireless work has led an industry driven by luxury and romance to the realisation that not all in their garden was lovely. And it has spurred others to try to redress the balance of inequalities heaped on the many by the few in the pursuit of riches.

As a fellow traveller for more than a decade, I have often felt frustrated and wearied by glacial progress and the continual need to restate an argument that appears so obvious. But Greg’s book is a timely reminder of just how far the jewellery trade has come in that time. Not that trace-ability and transparency in the jewellery supply chain is a done deal yet, but at least the dam has been breached!

Michael Hoare