Security: Don’t just be led by price!

Twelve years on the periphery of the jewellery industry and my association with SaferGems taught me that security is never far from a jewellers’ mind – or shouldn’t be – but I also learned to my horror that they occasionally skimp on spending when it really matters. Sometimes taking the lowest quote rather than getting the right solution, accepting the lowest common denominator so they can ‘tick the right boxes’,  and get the cheapest insurance quote. There are lots of examples in physical security – not least when it comes to glass – where under investment is shortsighted, but with the increasing use of private security operatives, contracted in guards are one area where jewellers really can’t afford to take a short cut.

I was reminded of this when, at a recent conference, Ian Kirke, director at Training for Success (TFS), asked delegates to consider if the cheapest is always the best. Ian writes:


Ian Kirke: cheapest isn’t always best

In terms of price there has to be a tipping point below which the patrolling guard is either on the minimum wage or dangerously close to going under. And remember they need to turn up in some form of clothing and must have a back of house administrative function. Being SIA trained, to use the words of Shania Twain, “That don’t impress me much”! That’s the law, so get over it! And is that baseline status enough? Surely if procurement can buy an SIA qualified guard at the cheapest rate then surely that has to be happy days for the business concerned? According to George Gershwin and recent case-law I would suggest that, “It ain’t necessarily so”.’

You can read the rest of his thoughts in his accompanying article in Professional Security magazine:

Michael Hoare