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Doughnut Economics

21st November 2017

Doughnut Economics: Seven Ways to Think Like a 21st Century EconomistKate Raworth


Jeremy Hutchinson’s Case Histories

14th November 2017

If you’ve ever felt disadvantaged by imperfect knowledge of the events that shaped the second half of the twentieth century; ever been party to a conv...


Book Review: Client Earth – Building an Ecological Civilisation

23rd July 2017

 Client Earth are activist lawyers committed to securing a healthy planet: using environmental law to protect oceans, forests, and other habitats as w...


THINKTANK: Curtains for Cash?

23rd July 2017

Is it All Over for Cash?   I make contactless payments just like anybody else, and it always alarms me to hear the person next in line decline their r...


THINKTANK: DATA – Democratic or Divisive?

21st June 2017

It Does You Good The flavour of the month may be data, especially in its ‘big’ form. But are we deluding ourselves into believing that big is always b...


A Gem of an Idea!

11th April 2016

The jewellery industry has been angst-ridden for most of the current century over the moral, ethical, and environmental damage done by the exploitatio...


Disruptive Diamonds

9th February 2016

For most of the twenty-first century the jewellery industry has agonised over the moral, ethical, and environmental damage done by the exploitation of...


Getting a Buzz out of Jewellery Drones?

14th December 2015

The jewellery trade press are reporting that a business owner in the U S has completed what is thought to be the first ever drone-delivery undertaken ...


Association Meetings: Virtual or Interminable?

10th November 2015

Do you have virtual meetings? By that I don’t mean ones where virtually no-one shows up, but ones where decisions are made by email only. It appears t...


All in Your Head? Qualities of an Association Chief

3rd November 2015

What does an association CEO actually do? Good question! A combination of politician, ambassador, tactician, and showman you might say. And a small bu...


Strained Relations in Associations

13th August 2015

Association executives will all have experienced difficulties with presidents, chairmen, or directors. They are a mixed bunch and over the years the g...


Silence: The Future of Luxury?

25th April 2015

The opening of the new V & A exhibition – What is Luxury? – has got the press into a lather this week trying to decide what constitute...


Retail’s Richest: All In It Together!

23rd April 2015

As a nation we seem to have a developed a thirst for lists and superlatives, and TV shows ranking everything from top ten records, funniest comedians,...


Sticky Wicket for Associations

28th October 2014

So, as a membership organisation, trade association, or professional body, your world is changing. Your role as gatekeeper to privileged information h...


Long Slow Road to Ethical Jewellery

24th October 2014

It came as a shock to realise that over ten years have passed since a conversation between Greg Valerio and I that led to the Joint Ethics Committee U...


Wake Me Up When It’s Over: Association Merger Talks Don’t Inspire

11th September 2014

With echoes of the Scottish referendum, the British Jewellers’ Association (BJA) and the National Association of Goldsmiths (NAG) issued – accor...


Summoned by Bells

12th June 2014

Regent Street is to become the first shopping street in Europe to pioneer a mobile telephone app which delivers personalised promotions to visitors. C...


Phone Fatigue

19th May 2014

About 9.30 a.m. on Bank Holiday Monday my home telephone rang, and I answered it cheerily, thinking it was an offspring anxious to share his latest tr...


Don’t Crunch the Gears Engaging with Social Networks!

29th April 2014

Every trade association or membership organisation should have a social media presence, right? Yes, but think hard before leaping in! It’s not somethi...


High noon on the high street

27th January 2014

A couple of weeks ago I wrote (Wait for it…wait for it!) about the  adrenaline kick from the instant gratification provided by shopping; remarki...


Fox meat found in Walmart donkey dish

13th January 2014

This headline in the January 3rd edition of The Daily Telegraph has to be one of the most intriguing of the year so far – just for its sheer improbabi...


Next step facecrime?

13th November 2013

 ‘Tesco is to tailor adverts in petrol stations by using face scanning screens’ according to The Grocer magazine. Detractors are already lining up to ...


Website Coming Soon…

1st February 2013

  I’ll soon be promoting my services through this page – but whilst we get this webpage up and running, feel free to get in with me v...