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Public Affairs

Jewellers: Let’s Get Planting!

24th July 2017

Since the turn of the century jewellers have come under sustained pressure from campaign groups to consider the human and environmental costs involved...


FLUX: Fair Luxury

25th April 2016

Thirteen years as CEO of the now defunct National Association of Goldsmiths (NAG) and I was beginning to experience a sense of frustration that the de...


A Gem of an Idea!

11th April 2016

The jewellery industry has been angst-ridden for most of the current century over the moral, ethical, and environmental damage done by the exploitatio...


Getting a Buzz out of Jewellery Drones?

14th December 2015

The jewellery trade press are reporting that a business owner in the U S has completed what is thought to be the first ever drone-delivery undertaken ...


Dysfunctional by Association

9th September 2015

Sports Direct is facing heavy criticism in the press. Its board labelled as dysfunctional by the Institute of Directors (IoD) for failing, among other...


They Paved Paradise

14th May 2015

I love trees, and one of the great things about London – compared with other cities – is it’s green spaces and tree lined streets. So I’d like to see ...


Dash for Drones?

16th April 2015

Was it an April Fools stunt? When launched on the first of the month, some commentators thought Amazon’s new Dash service was just that. But it isn’t!...

Public Affairs

Ethical, Transparent, Traceable: Who Says?

10th November 2014

“Is armed conflict always wrong? What is child labour, and is it always wrong? If gemstones come from land taken from indigenous people without compen...


Long Slow Road to Ethical Jewellery

24th October 2014

It came as a shock to realise that over ten years have passed since a conversation between Greg Valerio and I that led to the Joint Ethics Committee U...


Wake Me Up When It’s Over: Association Merger Talks Don’t Inspire

11th September 2014

With echoes of the Scottish referendum, the British Jewellers’ Association (BJA) and the National Association of Goldsmiths (NAG) issued – accor...

Public Affairs

Co-op’s Ethical Title: A Message for Jewellers?

6th August 2014

The Co-operative Group has been voted the most ethical company over twenty-five years despite a recent crop of scandals including those at its bank th...

Public Affairs

Cracking Wheeze Grommit!

15th May 2014

Man’s capacity for finding ‘miracle’ solutions for problems of his own making never ceases to amaze me! The latest wheeze involves what the Daily Tele...

Public Affairs

No Rest Required!

12th April 2014

The big retailers are making another of their periodic attempts to abolish Sunday Trading restrictions.  But why? According to the Daily Mail, Philip ...

Public Affairs

Court in the Act!

13th March 2014

It seems that on-the-spot justice is back on the agenda again. But isn’t right-leaning think tank Policy Exchange just putting old ideas in new ...


Let them eat cake! Or is that corned beef?

13th January 2014

Thirteen million people are believed to live below the poverty line in the UK. Rising costs of food and fuel combined with static incomes, high unempl...


IofAM: Prompted on Pensions

11th December 2013

Running anything – let alone a trade association – is never easy, but to do it with your head buried in the sand requires not only a certain level of ...


IofAM: Digital Democracy

11th December 2013

As a trade association manager, how many times have you been asked your membership’s view on a particular issue, policy, or piece of legislation, only...


Website Coming Soon…

1st February 2013

  I’ll soon be promoting my services through this page – but whilst we get this webpage up and running, feel free to get in with me v...